Eyelash Extensions

Raved as the “The Next Best Thing in Beauty” by ABC News, eyelash extensions are the secret to longer, fuller, and more beautiful looking lashes!

Now you, too can have longer, thicker, curlier, and more abundant eyelashes! The certified, professional staff at Laser & Rejuvenation Center in Wickenburg Arizona, will apply silky synthetic (very natural feeling) eyelashes directly onto your own eyelashes, one lash at a time. Eyelash extensions last form anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, with proper care. They are resistant to water-based cleansers, pool chlorine, perspiration, and are safe to use with contact lenses. Various lengths, curls, thicknesses, are available for a customized look to tailor to your specific needs and style. After your full set has been applied, then all you need to do is come in for a touch-up every 2-4 weeks for maintenance. Having beautiful eyelashes everyday all day is worth it!

From celebrities to women in business, a large segment of the female population is wearing eyelash extensions. These women have discovered the benefits of wearing eyelash extensions. The eyelash extensions look as real as if they were your own! The eyes reveal a great deal about your age and eyelash extensions make your eyes appear as if they were lifted – making you look 5 years younger! The Laser & Rejuvenation Center’s eyelash extensions will save you time. You will have one less thing to do each morning, no more applying clumpy mascara!
Eyelash extensions are safe. Only pharmaceutical-grade adhesive is used to attach the extensions to your own natural lashes. The extensions are easy to care for and maintain Call and learn about how you can have longer, thicker, and fuller lashes today!

Full set $150
Extension Fills $75.00